Online Banking for Broadway National Bank

Online Banking for Broadway National Bank


As a Product Designer at Fiserv, I led the re-design of a digital banking platform for client Broadway National Bank. My role was to spearhead the wireframing, interactions, visual design, and prototyping of this solution with a focus on improving the user experience. Our client sought to create a more user-friendly experience that aligned better with their users' needs.







Our client, Broadway National Bank, approached us with the challenge of improving their existing custom platform, Architect. The base version of Architect (below) was outdated and did not meet the needs of its users. The web version was overly customized and confusing for users, while the mobile version led to frustration among users, resulting in poor ratings in the Apple and Google Play stores.


We tackled the challenges faced by Broadway Bank through a comprehensive redesign. Our solution involved revamping multiple features to enhance usability and functionality. We also created custom flows for users who were having a bad experience, addressing their pain points and ensuring a smoother interaction. Through a combination of user feedback and research, we transformed the Architect digital banking solution into a user-centric platform that delivers exceptional experiences for all users.

Design Process


As part of our process, we analyzed a recent Forrester benchmark report. This report assessed top online banking functionalities and identified leading banks with exceptional user experiences. This analysis helped guide our decisions and refine our approach.

User Personas

We prioritized understanding the diverse user base of online banking. To enhance the user experience, we developed user personas, like Ralph Scott, a seasoned online banking user in his 50s who primarily uses desktop devices. By empathizing with users like Ralph, we created a personalized digital banking solution that met their specific needs.


Building upon our research insights, we transitioned into the wireframing and concept development phase, tackling key challenges head-on and making significant improvements to the overall user experience.

Design Mockups

We refined our wireframes through an iterative process, conducting multiple design iterations and gathering feedback. This allowed us to explore diverse approaches.

Prototyping and Testing

To refine our designs and gather more feedback, we used the Usability Hub platform for testing. This allowed us to test usability and make data-driven decisions.


Our Desktop and Mobile experiences for Broadway Bank received the 2020 IDC Award for Omni-Experience in "Digital Banking at Broadway Bank". This recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences through the revamped Architect digital banking solution. Our meticulous and research-driven approach, involving wireframing, design iterations, and user feedback, transformed the original version into a user-centric and feature-rich platform. We are honored to have achieved this award and have played an integral part in this transformation.